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Testimonials about Women

First of all, I have to thank you profusely, nearly to tears, in fact, for your session with (my partner). Your power and kindness has made a greater mark on her well-being in one instance that I have ever seen!!! For that alone, you are a brother to me, and I love you!


The work I have done with Wayne is radical, transformative and unlike any other work I have done… and I’ve done a lot of different kinds of work!  Wayne has shown me the key. Talk therapy never could, all the self-help and meditation in the world never could. Energy work, diet, and exercise is not enough. A life time of spiritual practices would not have done what he has in a matter of months.  The work I have done with Wayne is radical, transformative and unlike any other work I have done… and I’ve done a lot of different kinds of work!  I am deeply grateful. Thank you, Wayne.


“Step by step you have pushed me to go beyond what I was settling for, a sort of half-life, safe, but ultimately not my fulfilling my soul potential. I am awed by your commitment to my healing and filled with gratitude.”

“My healing sessions with Wayne took me from a freeze and fear response to touch, developed as a reaction from childhood sexual trauma, to experiencing myself as a strong, sensual and fully orgasmic woman. My healing was so deep that I decided to reconnect with my father, my perpetrator, twelve years after I decided to have no contact with him. I realized that I had completely healed from my past as I experienced forgiveness and compassion for myself and for my father in our reunion.”


“My session with Wayne. Wow…. where do I begin? It was utterly profound. I channeled my dad that passed away 30 years ago. I discovered what my unique message and contribution to the planet is. I laughed a lot. I cried intensely. I felt pleasure. I felt pain. I felt completely blessed”


“Thank you for sharing your AMAZING GIFTS. I received such an expansion. Let’s reconvene in Sedona or Chicago. Thank you for touching me so deeply.”


“I cannot express just how much I have gained from working with Wayne Clayton in his Tantric Healing modality. I have gained SO MUCH courage to actually LIVE my life. His work IS difficult– because it forces you to face your demons. But Wayne is incredibly supportive and emotionally strong, and he helps to create a space where you can try things out… and learn that it’s really not so bad, looking at all those terrifying fears.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to do this work. I wish every woman had the chance to do this; I wish every woman had “the balls” to try it out. I know it’s off the beaten path, but if you just give it a try… and let yourself have a chance to change…you will have an opportunity like none other to feel really free and truly alive.”


Wayne’s healing accesses the deepest places in the body’s tissue and suppressed emotions and years of stress, pain, anger, and unreleased parts of trauma. The reprogramming on such a deep level, has been powerfully transformative from the core, outwards. This work is the most powerful way I have found to free myself from my shackles and bondage. I am changing from a core level. And it is amazingly powerful.


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