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Stem Cell Reactivation

Stem Cell Reactivation: Research has found that there are 18 stem cell depositories in the human body.  These depositories are vitally important in a human’s growth through puberty, but after puberty, these depositories go dormant since all the major body growth is finished.  This course teaches how to activate those depositories for deep healing.  Scientists have found that a specific sound frequency can rejuvenate and/or repair damaged DNA strands.  This process uses that frequency for that purpose and uses other frequencies specific to each stem cell depository as well as essential oils and energetic touch.  Stem Cell Reactivation (SCR) works well for any condition where the body needs to rebuild cells.  Our bodies constantly rebuild themselves, but if there is damaged DNA due to heredity or a specific disease or condition, the body will replace the cells with similar damaged cells.  Since this process activates stem cells and repairs the DNA, the body will rebuild with healthy, non-diseased cells.  More

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture, demonstrations and limited attendee participation, some form of nudity possible by demonstrators and participants.
1 day from 10am-8pm
Program: Elective Course
Fee: $200
Schedule:  TBA


Wayne Clayton

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Stem Cell Reactivation White Paper

Researched and Written by Wayne Clayton Stem Cell Reactivation is a process that reactivates 18 Stem Cell depositories in the adult body and repairs their DNA using essential oils, sound frequencies and touch. These processes allow the body to replace damaged cells with healthy, non-damaged cells for natural healing in the physical body. Medical News …

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