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High Holy Days

Our temple doctorine states that we are Children of Heaven and Earth. Our walk in life is a walk both between and in the worlds of above and below. The most sacred time for us then, is the moment when the Sun / Father energy is beaming full strength at Summer Solstice, and the Mother Moon / Black Madonna energy of the deepest night at Winter Solstice. The Equinox balance of light and dark is a Holy Balance & Union, and so these days of equal dark and light are power moments to adore partnerships of all kinds.
Our ceremonies on these 4 days, plus our New & Full Moon Circles, comprise our religious program each year. Some High Holy Day ceremonies are open to the public, others are open but you must reserve your space with us and prepare. The equivalant of a church ‘study group’ convenes every Friday night in the Freya classes, which are open to all.

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