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Tracy Elise, Core Faculty

Tracy Elise is the Founder and Center-Holder for the School of 1, established in Seattle, Washington in 2002.   The mystery school is for anyone interested in “conversing with the Universe on a daily basis”.  She is Mystic Mother of three adult mystic  children, a Sacred Sex Educator and self-proclaimed “Radical Tantrist”.  Says Tracy, ” “Tantra is not just about sexuality.  Tantra is an empowering practice of feeling and directing your life force energy. With conscious choice, we can create all that we desire”.

Tracy Elise’s Neo-Tantra practice draws from the world’s most established lineages, including Judeo Christianity, Hinduism, Egyptian Tantra, Buddhism, and indigenous culture Shamanism.   With over 5000 intimate hours spent in the transformation chambers, she is a guide with great compassion and insight for the soul’s journey in a body and the infinite subtle permutations possible in male/female play.  Her Magnetic Tantra training on the Ladder of Light offers a direct and instantaneous experience of ‘weaving’ energy.

Tracy is also the Mystic Mother of  www.MotherMedicineWheel.org of Arizona, part of the Oklevueha Native American Church.org. established 1918.

Tracy offers “Tantra Gateway” private sessions for women, men and couples as well as weekend workshops for couples and singles.  Currently practicing in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona, you can contact Tracy directly by phoning 928.399.9942 or

write her at: mindbodyspirithealer@ hotmail.com

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