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Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD., Visiting Faculty

In 1975 Ray began teaching erotic massage to people of all sexual orientation in San Francisco. His 1989 Erotic Massage — the Touch of Love book was the first instructional book to illustrate genital massage and has sold over a million copies worldwide.

He has taught many somatic modalities and has written/created over a dozen books and DVDs on sacred sexuality including Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute, Sacred Orgasms, and The Essential Tantra. He also co-created the 90-minute documentary The Sacred Prostitute and a recent documentary, Path of the Sexual Shaman: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom. Ray is the former vice-president of the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals.

On a shamanic path for over two decades, Ray is a 13-year SunDancer, and has been greatly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. His latest creation is the Wisdom Ceremony Cards: Shamanic Ceremonies for Transformation. Via Skype and the phone, he now gives individual sessions and trainings on energy, sexuality, shamanism, and transformation.

 He can be reached at www.SexualShaman.com

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