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Five Part Energy Merging Series

The Art of Energy Merging: A Course by Ray Stubbs
on Energetic Anatomy, Orgasm, Shamanic Merging, and Transformation

Payment through 5/25/11

Payment after 5/25/11

This is a 15-hour empowerment training in the ability to merge our energies with another person, whether a client or a lover. The techniques learned in this course are extremely valuable for everyone in their relationships and especially for practitioners of all kinds who work with people.

Attendees will actively participate in the entire process and be part of this continuing ceremony over the 5 parts of this course. This course must be taken in its entirety.

Ray came to understand energy merging from Native American medicinepeople (shamans). Being in ceremony with them and receiving healings from them, he sensed something deeper was happening energetically than in most of the somatic and psychological modalities he had experienced.

As Ray developed abilities to perceive energies, he realized that the medicinepeople were literally able to radiate, expand, extend, and resonate their energies within him in ways very different than what most practitioners can do.

The Art of Energy Merging develops and trains your energies to function in some of the same ways shamans use. The healing and transformative results for your clients are deeper and more profound. We will use several energetic shamanic practices to develop these merging abilities, including focusing our energies with plants, animals, and crystals. (Note: this course does not do or teach traditional Native American ceremonies.)

Conceptually, we go into an understanding of our energetic anatomy and different types of orgasm. Equally as important, we will learn about negative uses of energy manipulation such as “cording,” which drains people of energy. We will also develop energetic patterns to help prevent our energies from being drained or “sucked.”

There is no nudity or physical contact required in this training. The focus is on developing our abilities to intentionally direct our energies.

Course fee is $280. Early discount of $30 before 5/25.
Course must be taken in its entirety.

5 Part Series Schedule
PART 1:   June 3, Friday, 6:30-9:30pm
PART 2:   June 4, Saturday, 10am-1pm
PART 3:   June 4, Saturday, 3-6pm
PART 4:   June 5, Sunday, 2-5pm
PART 5:   June 5, Sunday, 6:30-9:30pm

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. Biography
In 1975 Ray began teaching erotic massage to people of all sexual orientation in San Francisco. His 1989 Erotic Massage — the Touch of Love book was the first instructional book to illustrate genital massage and has sold over a million copies worldwide.

He has taught many somatic modalities and has written/created over a dozen books and DVDs on sacred sexuality including Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute, Sacred Orgasms, and The Essential Tantra. He also co-created the 90-minute documentary The Sacred Prostitute and a recent documentary, Path of the Sexual Shaman: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom. Ray is the former vice-president of the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals.

On a shamanic path for over two decades, Ray is a 13-year SunDancer, and has been greatly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. His latest creation is the Wisdom Ceremony Cards: Shamanic Ceremonies for Transformation. Via Skype and the phone, he now gives individual sessions and trainings on energy, sexuality, shamanism, and transformation.

Ray Stubbs can be reached at www.SexualShaman.com

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