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New Moon in Virgo

August 27th, Saturday Afternoon, 3-5pm 

This is a celebration of the new moon in Virgo FOR WOMEN ONLY. Ladies, please join us for a special ceremony that honors the New Moon from 3-5pm. The new moon represents a time of clearing away the old and planting intentions for the new.

With the movement of the New Moon cycle into Virgo, we end the exuberant, dramatic, creative, playful and self-promoting emphasis of Leo. Having spent some time seeking the limelight and establishing a center around which to satisfy emotional ego needs, the next order of business in the cycle of creative and personal development is to find work, engage in an occupation and generally “make oneself useful.”

Another way to look at it is it that having created something, we now need to find a use for it to fill — or put it to work in the application for which it was invented. We need to find the niche filled by our individual talents and enjoyments. (A dyed in the wool Virgo would say that having taken up space, we ought to give a return on the investment others have made in us. Having been supported this far, we now are obliged to give something back. Truly these folks can be quite puritanically devoted to the virtues of the work ethic.)

For more information please visit Rebecca Brent’s website at www.bemyastrologer.com/rebecca_brents_new_moon_virgo.html.

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