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New Moon in Scorpio

                                                                                    October 26th, Wednesday Afternoon, 3-5pm

This is a celebration of the new moon in Scorpio FOR WOMEN ONLY. Ladies, please join us for a special ceremony that honors the New Moon from 3-5pm.

The new moon represents a time of clearing away the old and planting intentions for the new.

As the New Moon cycle moves into Scorpio, we start to consider some very profound issues and ask some searching and complex questions. Having formed partnerships, relationships, and associations in Libra … what use can we now make of these additional resources? What can we do with the assets, talents, possessions, abilities, additional income, and other advantages partners offer?

In some ways, the frankness of these interests may sound unfairly conniving or manipulative … and pure Scorpio energy, even at its best, is often misunderstood for this reason. Be that as it may, this is the phase of life and the creative cycle that is receiving focus now. With the acquisition of partners — and the communal properties found in relationships — come some complicated responsibilities, which Scorpio energy takes very, very seriously.

For more information please visit Rebecca Brent’s website at www.bemyastrologer.com/rebecca_brents_new_moon_virgo.html.

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