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New Moon in Libra

September 27th, Tuesday Afternoon, 3-5pm

This is a celebration of the new moon in Libra FOR WOMEN ONLY. Ladies, please join us for a special ceremony that honors the New Moon from 3-5pm.The new moon represents a time of clearing away the old and planting intentions for the new.

As the New Moon cycle moves into Libra, we wrap up the details of doing work, being of service to others, and generally making ourselves useful — which is the essence of Virgo energy, and we shift the focus to relationships, other people, partnerships and … marriage interests.

Maybe we think we deserve some companionship and quiet intimate moments as a reward for all the good we accomplished this last month, when helping others through selfless generosity was our primary focus … or maybe we’re just looking for someone to help share the load in the future. In any case, forming partnerships is the theme of Libra energy … which, with the arrival of this New Moon, is receiving emphasis right now.

For more information please visit Rebecca Brent’s website at www.bemyastrologer.com/rebecca_brents_new_moon_virgo.html.


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