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New Moon in Leo

                                                                                                     Hideaway. Illustration credit & © Inga Nielsen via APOD.

                                                                                            July 30, Saturday Afternoon, 3-5pm

This is a celebration of the new moon in Leo FOR WOMEN ONLY. Ladies, please join us for a special ceremony that honors the New Moon from 3-5pm.

The new moon represents a time of clearing away the old and planting intentions for the new.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Leo, we’ve passed completely through the powerful time of Cancer energy (whose beginning is always marked by the Summer Solstice) with its emphasis on emotional bonds, family ties, roots, heritage, home and deep security issues — and moved solidly into Leo energy — which carries a much greater sense of pure joy, creativity, playfulness, “attention-getting,” speculation and romance than the often moody emotional tone of Cancer.

In terms of the creative process, which the progression of signs through the Zodiac depicts, we’ve established a new beginning and an individual identity in Aries; solidified and grounded this in Taurus by acquiring the resources — including money — that one needs for survival in the physical world; discovered an ability to think, communicate, and learn in Gemini — a process most definitely necessary to growth and continuance; and established a home and family support system in Cancer.

To learn more, please visit Rebecca Brent’s website at www.bemyastrologer.com/rebecca_brents_new_moon_leo.html.

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