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New Moon in Capricorn

December 24th, Saturday Afternoon, 3-5pm

 This is a celebration of the new moon in Capricorn FOR WOMEN ONLY. Ladies, please join us for a special ceremony that honors the New Moon from 3-5pm.The new moon represents a time of clearing away the old and planting intentions for the new.

Ah, Capricorn!! The last and most action oriented of the Earth Signs. Things that are nurtured and earned in Taurus, tended to and perfected in Virgo … are finally established and solidified in Capricorn.

As the next step on the continuum of the creative process, Capricorn takes the wide-ranging input, expanded wisdom, and deep, complex, theoretical knowledge accumulated by the efforts of Sagittarius and builds form, fashions stable structures, and constructs tangible, real things that are meant to last and provide safe foundations for future generations.

In a sense, Capricorn energy makes reality real!! All the work of new creation up, to this point, has been done in order to achieve this final, secure, indisputably authentic manifestation of what now exists. And in the value system of Capricorn energy, now that something of significant value finally, finally does exist, it needs to be made robust and durable.

For more information please visit Rebecca Brent’s website at www.bemyastrologer.com/rebecca_brents_new_moon_virgo.html.

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