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We’re here to help you get the education you desire.

Our requested support for wisdom received in the School of 1 can be through gifts of your money, time, talent or physical gifts.  If your life is in great abundance, we appreciate full financial support.  If you are in need of help getting your flow going, we can finance candidates’ education on a case-by-case basis.

The School of 1 payment policy requests a minimum of 50% of class fees to be paid on or before the class begins.  Those on an Ordination Track may apply for a Work/Study Residency and pay ¼ class fees as class starts.

For individuals taking stand-alone classes, one-half of course tuition must be paid by first class meeting.

School of 1 can finance your tuition balance in a number of different ways.

1) Through an automatic draw from a credit card or checking account.  Default of two payments will result in automatic removal of practitioner from the web site until mutually resolved.

2) Through the Temple of 1 and Phoenix Goddess Temple, there is an opportunity to pay for the balance of your instructional fees by doing Practicum/Work/Study in residency while in course study.  Our practitioners serve a membership base of over 4000 seekers, initiates and adepts who tithe in support to us $204 – $303 per hour, sliding scale.   Volume of hours in temple ranges from 25 – 80 hours per month, depending on your personal matrix. Residency and practicum here qualify you for a Temple Charter, should you desire a direct link with the Mother Temple.

3)  Barter of goods or services exchanging ‘published value’ for ‘published value’.

4) Scholarships are also available; write us with a description of your gifts and situation.  The School of 1 will contact you to see if our program is a good match for your life and your dreams.  We strive to scholarship those who already have a verifiable interest in energy healing, the light body, sacred sexuality, or Goddess practices.  We also have a program to assist Practitioners who are single mothers.

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