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National Temple Program

Join us in co-creating a new national community!  Our school and temple are a supportive resource for instructors and students of full-spectrum energy healing. Our programs are unique in that we train you through School of 1 and ordain you through the national Temple of 1.    Please see our Programs Section for information on our two Ordination Programs.

The School of 1’s course work operates in wisdom circles where your experience is part of the information shared.  These classes, combined with the optional Temple Manual and optional Phone Support with 4 weekly TeleTemple-1 Conference calls help you establish your personal ministry as a bona fide religious organization anywhere in the country.   Practitioners ordained by Temple of 1 may also chose supervised practicum and / or residency at the School of 1, one of the country’s most established sacred sex communities. 

The School of 1 offers you credentials for life experience, a full transfer of credits for training completed in other programs, as well as peer witness to authenticate your effectiveness as a healer.    Since 2002, our training and practicum programs have offered hundreds of sacred sexual healers a chance to work in a self-sovereign manner, and in right relationship with city, state and federal officials.  If you’ve answered the call to heal humanity’s energetic repression, we want to meet you!  Join with us as we create a national network of Sacred Sex Temples.  Together, we can bring new light to the modern problems of sexual dysfunction and intimacy breakdown.

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