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Priestess Path Immersions 1 – 13

Immersion 1: “Her-Story ~ Our Goddess in Ancient Times”. Exploring the Goddess in all Her forms, as worshipped by many cultures the world over. Meet and understand the gifts, graces and powers of the Great Goddess. Includes Goddess cinema “The Burning Times”, an award winning documentary on the religious persecution of those who loved the Mother aspect of God. * Understand Goddess Awareness and obtain the ability to recount the origins/time lines of at least three different Goddess traditions/temples.    Scheduling.

Immersion 2: “Sisterhood & Ceremony” Altars, Circles, Drumming, Moon Magick, Dance, Ritual, Ceremony. Knowledge of Rituals. The creation of sacred space. Calling in the power of Gaia. How to Conduct Ceremony. Convening a Circle. Lead one another in prayer, invocations and blessings. Calling in the power of GOD and GODDESS.    Scheduling.

Immersion # 3 * The White Light Within: Divinity, Soul, & Shadow Play. In this circle, we explore the science and mysticism around the human soul.  Process for locating the soul*sol in the body is practiced, along with sensing the chakra spin in each of the major energy channels.  Soul counsel is the difference between coaching, psychology, and ‘church’ ministry, we guide and empower the eternal and unchanging soul.   Connection to the Divine Source/Higher Self during healing session, ‘gnosis’ or direct knowing.   Common forms of Shadow Play, the ill-usion of ‘separation’ from Source, wisdom in working through shadow.   Love & Fear,   Life & Death as a continuum, rather than isolated events.  The Field of One-ness.  How Gratitude automatically reconnects all circuits to Source.  Soul contracts with one another and ‘karma’.   Ritual & vow to remember and see your own divinity, and in others.  Exploration of the concept of ’embodying’ a goddess, and how choosing a particular deity gives you access to Her supernatural energies.  Please wear all Black & White, in any combination you choose.    Scheduling.


Immersion # 4  Secrets of the Sexual Priestess: Essentials for Transformational Healing.  A quick overview study of the basic tools and attitudes used by sacred sexual healers.  Theory of Practice, including Self Sovereignty for Practitioners & Initiates;  The Ladder of Light energy channels demonstrated and essential oils & stones shared.  The traditions of Laying on of Hands, the Mother, and Whole Body Healing; Ancient traditions of anointing the body discussed & demonstrated.  As embodiments of the Mother Goddess, we incorporate the 5 senses of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell into all of our sessions.   WE activate the 6th sense of energy awareness through polarity touch and guided meditation of the Heart / Root circuit.  Our sacred duty to ground, free and amplify the human light body through the personal nova.  Use of hot towels, coconut oils (and others), lubrication, cots & condoms, stone & pyrex root wands.  Goddess blessings through veils, hair, hands, mouth, eyes, feet and full body bliss.  Be ready to share 1, 2 or 3 Session Secrets with your Sisters, we will all come away amazed and more amazing as healers!    Please wear normal session attire (include greeting/outer wear and chamber/inner wear, if any).   Scheduling.

Immersion 5: “Muladhara” Root Chakra; Red Ray; Root Center; Lingam and Yoni work; Healing with Stones. Elemental Healing.   Scheduling.

Immersion 6: “Syadhisthana”Sacral Chakra; Orange Ray; Power Center; Healing with Food and Herbs; Sacred Conception; Nurturing Mother.   Scheduling.

Immersion 7: “Manipura” Solar Plexus Chakra; Yellow Ray; “The Jewel in the Lotus”; Strengthening your Identity; Dress like a Goddess; Working with Archetypes – yours and your Seeker’s.   Scheduling.

Immersion 8: “Anahata” Heart Chakra; Green/Pink Ray; “Unstuck”; Healing with Music; Heart Energy; Heart as Bridge between Heaven and Earth; Sharing and Protecting your Heart. Living Compassionate Love. Laying on of hands. Comfort the sick & bereaved. Intervention for healing. Healing those possessed.   Scheduling.

Immersion 9: Visuddha” Throat Chakra; Blue Ray; “Pure”; Authenticity and Communication; Healing Power of Words – compliments, affirmations, prayers, chanting, and singing.   Scheduling.

Immersion 10: “Ajna” Brow Chakra; Third Eye; Indigo Ray; “Command” Mysticism; Nature of Mysticism; Signs and Wonders; Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils; Meditation; divination; oracles; the Power to Invoke. Priestesses will become familiar with the use of oracles, signs and wonders and other divine interventions.   Scheduling.

Immersion 11: “Sahasrara”Crown Chakra; Purple/Violet Ray; “Thousand”; Gnosis; Practice of Oneness with Source; Oneness with all of Creation; Direct Divinity from Source; Opening to what is beyond the 5 senses; working with Faith and Trust; accepting the blessings; gratitude; light body teachings. Healing with Laying on of Hands. Channel for Divine Light. Integration of Shadows.   Scheduling.

Immersion 12: Priestessing in the World.Public Priestessing; Being a Traveling Dakini; Dealing with family, friends, the Press. Putting up a website, online presence, community outreach, ads, P.R. We are also asking the Mystic Sisters to be prepared to represent the Goddess ‘out in the world’. You may be asked to speak or be interviewed regarding the path of the sacred feminine. If you are shy, we ask you to consider writing your thoughts about the path, so that no matter what, what you have learned will be shared and brought out in the light. Represent the Temple & the Sacred Feminine in the outer world.   Scheduling.

Immersion 13: Ordination! You will receive your Ordination Certificate, an Oracle chosen for you by your mentor, a Sacred Veil, and a piece of Sacred Jewelry to commemorate your office as Priestess of the Phoenix Goddess Temple.   Scheduling.

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