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Theory of Practice

What You Need to Know About Sacred Sexual Healing 
Get to the heart of why your hands-on sacred sexual healing is a spiritual/religious practice and why it is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Learn to understand and work with a new glossary of terms which clearly separates ‘ordinary’ sex work (which is illegal in most states) from sacred sexual healing. Why is orgasm a ‘holy moment’ with Source? How does Tantra / Taoist practice / Goddess Worship / Shamanism differ from most other religions? Understand and use time-proven methods to stay out of the gray area with the law when it comes to nude strangers, orgasms and money. The hot-button of “O & A” (offer and acceptance); Double-agents, government spies and other shadow work, using light & love; identify your core mission and gifts as a guide and healer. How to assess with just one hug; how to include relevant soul guidance in every session; how to stay ‘in office’ and what you must do if you get knocked out of office; the self-sovereign healer & their unique matrix; putting a positive spin on misplaced desire or unbounded lust; lust and boundaries in the ‘now’; intention setting, blessings, prayers, miracles and more!
Tracy Elise, your Teacher, has practiced as a full spectrum sacred sexual healer for 10 years, with over 5000 intimate hours as a Whole Body Healer & Tantra Guide in the temple’s Transformation Chambers. Expect laughs and tall-tales, plus using the magnetic universe to create your juiciest year ever!

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture style with clothes on.
5 hours
Program: Divine Union Ordination, Mystic Sister Ordination
Fee: $100
Schedule:  TBA

Tracy Elise, Instructor

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