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The Healing Chamber

Creating and Holding a Sacred Sanctuary
The room you receive seekers and clients is a healing tool in itself. From your walkway and entrance to the water (bath) room and in the chamber itself; create a magical mystical atmosphere. Understand the use of the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and the 5th element of Spirit; use of Altars and Deities; how color heals; how to change colors easily in a chamber; LIGHTING the chamber for inspiration beauty and flexibility; temperature control- how to do it, why it matters. Sound management for creative and complete control of outside noise; Eco-friendly effective sanitation procedures; SAFETY analysis for your site; linens & laundry, best choices. COMPREHENSIVE CHECKLISTS for transformation chamber set up, supply sources and cleaning.

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture style with clothes on.
5 hours
Program: Divine Union Ordination, Mystic Sister Ordination
Fee: $100
Schedule:  TBA

Tracy Elise, Instructor

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