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Gate Keeping Ministry

The Questions and Answers About Having a SAFE Practice
That You Have to Know
Types of calls, re-directing, be seen as a resource; use divination to screen, money, advertising, & glossary of temple terms. Language is everything! Learn to communicate safely what your ministry is all about. Attract the right seekers and initiates, graciously re-direct callers who don’t match. How to convert the ‘unchurched’ (those confusing your offerings with escorting or sensual massage parlor services). Clearly separate yourself once and for all from ‘normal’ sex work. Be empowered in Gate Keeping Ministry, you’ll never worry about government agencies again!

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture style with clothes on.
5 hours
Program: Divine Union Ordination, Mystic Sister Ordination
Fee: $100
Schedule:  TBA

Tracy Elise, Instructor

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