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Declare Your Legal Status

Examine all of the Entities that Government Understands
For Profit, Non-Profit, Educational or Religious? Freedom of Religion * Separation of Church & State * Constitutional Law vs Common Law (law as it is practiced) * For Profit (business) / Not-for-Profit Educational & Non-Profit Spiritual or Religious (501 C3 co-created with the federal government) / Corp Sole (acknowledgment within and by your state government) / Free Church (informing your city/county or borough that you exist). The class and handouts will outline why you need to Declare your Legal Status and will examine the types of entities that all government agencies understand and respect. Mentor relationships have been established for all types of legal entities contained in the class. This is a great place to get an overview of your options to learn from existing sole-proprietorship, small business, church or school. Which model do you align your own practice with, and why? Spend some time studying ‘what works’ and choose your right money design.

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture style with clothes on.
5 hours
Program: Divine Union Ordination, Mystic Sister Ordination
Fee: $100
Schedule:  TBA

Tracy Elise, Instructor

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