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Community Outreach

Present and Powerful in Print, Press & the World Wide Web

Out in the ‘world’ advertising and marketing dominate our thought processes. How do you reach those who really need your counsel and healing? This class tells you all you need to know to promote your healing practice. Once you know your core gifts to share, you can begin to magnetically draw in the seekers and clients who’ll appreciate your sessions. Ceremony & ritual to use the living matrix, meet your financial needs. KEYWORDS and IMAGE choices to set your practice apart; You’ll receive a comprehensive list of places to run your ad notices, both print and electronic; how to get a web site up easily and cheaply if you don’t have one already; cultivating the site for maximum traffic; print ads and their placement; ideas for free publicity; when, where and how to give talks for the public; great places to order cards/brochures/promotional pieces; strategic social marketing (Facebook, Twitter and others). We invite you to bring a printout of your current ads / photos; we’ll analyze your image and text in class and describe ‘what you are calling in.

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture style with clothes on.
5 hours
Program: Divine Union Ordination, Mystic Sister Ordination
Fee: $100
Schedule:  TBA

Tracy Elise, Instructor

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