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Mystic Sister Ordination Path

Foundations of Right Livelihood: 3  Days

Essential Practices for Sexual Healers: These six 5-hour training blocks help prepare your practice for success at all levels. Key information helps you create and hold sacred space while answering tough questions about sex, money and religion.  You’ll immediately feel strong, stable and protected as you answer your calling as a full spectrum energy healer.    More

Subjects covered are as follows:
1.  Theory of Practice
2.  Healing Chamber
3.  Gate Keeping Ministry
4.  Declare Your Legal Status
5.  Community Outreach
6.  Temple Keeping

Priestess Path: 13 Days

The Priestess Path requires you to commit to 13 Immersions.  In each gathering, we will immerse ourselves in the 7 Rays of Light of the Human Rainbow Body, the infinite White Light of Father / Source and the deep velvety Black Womb of the Cosmic Mother. We’ll share new paradigms for being a sacred sexy woman in the modern era, and include for your use community outreach materials for web and print. Our own shared wisdom will be enhanced by guest presenters, as well as a few beloved temple men who will be in attendance, all with the goal of music, healing, and gifting for YOU !  More


  1. Foundations of Right Livelihood                                    $ 600           3  Days
  2. Priestess Path                                                                  $2400         12 Days
  3. Certification & Archival Fee                                          $ 300

TOTAL             $3300

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Empowering Women to Embody the Goddess

The Priestess Path Dear Sisters in Service, I invite your to search your heart to discover your soul’s purpose as a woman alive and healing Gaia at this Great Shift since 2012. As the energies speed up, women will be called upon more and more to ground in ‘what is real’ and to hold the …

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Tracy in blue

Foundations of Right Livelihood

THEORY OF PRACTICE Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sacred Sexual Healing Get to the heart of why your hands-on sacred sexual healing is a spiritual/religious practice and why it is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Learn to understand and work with a new glossary of terms which clearly separates ‘ordinary’ sex work (which …

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