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Whole Body Healing

When was the last time you felt deliciously present in your soul’s physical vessel? Whole Body Healing is a practice designed to restore your sense of being fully alive and energetically complete both within your own body, and in your connection to the greater web of life force power.

To ‘heal’ is to “make whole” and to be whole is to be ‘holy’, that is, to be one with self and with Source. Nearly all of the alternative and traditional healing modalities in use today are not completely healing as they are not completely ‘whole-ing”.

Whole Body Healing delivers the maximum amount of life force energy from the web of life to the individual’s resonating vessel. We can achieve full connection to the web of life force and full activation through the hands-on conduit of the Whole Body Healer.

Practices specific to Whole Body Healing include Chakra Polarity (magnetic completion) which is achieved by aligning the practitioners energy centers with those of the seeker. In your Whole Body Healing session, you can expect:

  • Full Body Contact with your practitioner(s)
  • Full energetic flow both within and with your practitioner(s)
  • Full Anointing of your Sacred Vessel with warm oil or lotion Loving Intention full-filled through Nurturing Touch
  • Whole Self Healing as you experience the light of your own soul in your own body
  • Self Realization of your body as sacred Temple of your soul on the earth plane
  • The 8 pointed light of the soul in your body
  • The 5 pointed star of the human body
  • Body Outlining, working from the outside in, and stretching inside out
  • Body Telegraphing, sending energy from one part of the body to another, linking the two into a larger whole
  • Use of scents to relax, awaken, invigorate, sweeten or heighten awareness
  • Warm and cold stones used to hold, move or release energies
  • Full Chakra contact & Embrace with your practitioner(s), resulting in
  • Full Energetic Union with your practitioner and / or partner.
  • Full Magnetic Melding with the Web of Life
  • Full release of stored energies into the Web
  • Greater inner connection in the 2 Prime exchange points with the Web * Root & Heart
  • Ease and acceptance of your relationship with Source, however you may define that

In all that we do as Whole Body Healers, we seek to make your body the Holy Vessel for your souls sacred journey on Earth.

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