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Working with Male and Female Seekers

This course will explore the vast differences of working with male and female seekers.  We will contrast the differences between and female seekers with regards to the healing chamber environment, initial approach to seeker, creating sacred space, approach to body work, communication style, Yin and Yang energy flow differences, chakra inflow and outflow differences, response differences, expectation differences and many more.

This course is very beneficial for practitioners working with men, women or couples; heterosexual, homosexual or trans-gender.  The course is designed to give understanding and tools that can be applied immediately into your sessions.

This course is part of the “Divine Union Ordination Program #1″ and earns school credit.

Chakra: Energetic/light body spectrum
Lecture, demonstrations and full attendee participation, some form of nudity possible by demonstrators and participants.
1 day from 10am-8pm
Program: Divine Union Ordination Path
Fee: $200

Wayne Clayton,

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