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Tools for Trauma

Tools for Trauma
Syllabus Outline

How would you like
to hear your healing
work described like this?
(actual quotes)

· Utterly profound
I gained SO MUCH courage to actually LIVE my life
I experienced myself as a strong, sensual and fully orgasmic woman
· I laughed a lot. I cried intensely, felt pleasure. I felt pain. I felt completely blessed, I blissed out and floated out of session…

Hello, I’m Wayne Clayton, Healer & Teacher of Healers. I specialize in giving professionals, who help the community, the tools to confidently deal with parental or spousal abuse, sexual wounding, and post traumatic stress.  Repressed or unexpressed energy in the heart and root can flow again when the healer has an approach which brings the shadow of trauma into the light.  Is this you, or someone you love?

Deep Core Healing gives you the skill to release stored
energies of abuse & trauma!  Free the body on every level!

One of my goals in offering this teaching is to bring root-energy-powered, full-spectrum healing into the mainstream.  I have been able to help people who have exhausted traditional western medicine and other alternative methods. These healing techniques have also been used as a powerful complimentary practice to those currently earning their living as a guide, healer, minister or doctor.

This two-day workshop is a hands-on overview of a robust set of powerful healing tools drawn from the work of Jack Painter, Asian Taoist, East Indian Tantra, Angelic Energy Work, Pressure Point Release, techniques of my own design, and many others.  These tools have been effective with a wide range of people and conditions: abuse of all forms (sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, etc); chronic conditions like MS, Parkinson’s and Cancer; unwanted sub‐conscious imprints left by society, parents or religion; depression; chronic fear and anxiety; low self-image; low confidence; sexual dysfunction, stress, nerve damage, pain management, injuries and many more. These techniques can be adapted to help with virtually any emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical challenge and do not require a license to administer.  This is a spiritual-energy-truth system you can add to your current vocation.

This workshop intensive gives you actual experience with the process and allows you to see if adding it to your healing toolkit is right for you.   The Level 1 Certification is 10 days in the classroom plus practicum hours.  The full length course will be offered ‘in person’ at the School of 1 in Phoenix, Arizona AND as an on-line course of training with web & teleconference training and support.   Students attending class physically in Arizona or hosted cities will automatically access the online course for further study and review.

This workshop is a hands-on learning experience for men and women 18 years of age and older; Student participation in demonstrations is encouraged; in some segments, clothing is optional.

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture, demonstrations and full attendee participation, some form of nudity possible by demonstrators and participants.
2 days from 10am-8pm per day
Divine Union Ordination Path
First Offering: Friday, January 14, Introduction  7pm – 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday,  January 15 & 16   10am – 8pm.
Second Offering:
Friday, February 25, Introduction  7pm – 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday,  February 26 & 27   10am – 8pm.
Third Offering: Friday, June 10, Introduction  7pm – 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday,  June 11 & 12   10am – 8pm.
Fourth Offering: Friday, July 8, Introduction  7pm – 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday,  July 9 & 10   10am – 8pm.

Wayne Clayton,

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