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The Foundations of Right Livelihood

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sacred Sexual Healing

Get to the heart of why your hands-on sacred sexual healing is a spiritual/religious practice and why it is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Learn to understand and work with a new glossary of terms which clearly separates ‘ordinary’ sex work (which is illegal in most states) from sacred sexual healing. Why is orgasm a ‘holy moment’ with Source? How does Tantra / Taoist practice / Goddess Worship / Shamanism differ from most other religions? Understand and use time-proven methods to stay out of the gray area with the law when it comes to nude strangers, orgasms and money. The hot-button of “O & A” (offer and acceptance); Double-agents, government spies and other shadow work, using light & love; identify your core mission and gifts as a guide and healer. How to assess with just one hug; how to include relevant soul guidance in every session; how to stay ‘in office’ and what you must do if you get knocked out of office; the self-sovereign healer & their unique matrix; putting a positive spin on misplaced desire or unbounded lust; lust and boundaries in the ‘now’; intention setting, blessings, prayers, miracles and more!
Tracy Elise, your Teacher, has practiced as a full spectrum sacred sexual healer for 9 years, with over 5000 intimate hours as a Whole Body Healer & Tantra Guide in the temple’s Transformation Chambers. Expect laughs and tall-tales, plus using the magnetic universe to create your juiciest year ever!  More

Creating & Holding A Sacred Sanctuary

The room you receive seekers and clients is a healing tool in itself. From your walkway and entrance to the water (bath) room and in the chamber itself; create a magical mystical atmosphere. Understand the use of the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and the 5th element of Spirit; use of Altars and Deities; how color heals; how to change colors easily in a chamber; LIGHTING the chamber for inspiration beauty and flexibility; temperature control- how to do it, why it matters. Sound management for creative and complete control of outside noise; Eco-friendly effective sanitation procedures; SAFETY analysis for your site; linens & laundry, best choices. COMPREHENSIVE CHECKLISTS for transformation chamber set up, supply sources and cleaning.  More

The Questions and Answers About Having a SAFE Practice That You Have to Know

Types of calls, re-directing, be seen as a resource; use divination to screen, money, advertising, & glossary of temple terms. Language is everything! Learn to communicate safely what your ministry is all about. Attract the right seekers and initiates, graciously re-direct callers who don’t match. How to convert the ‘unchurched’ (those confusing your offerings with escorting or sensual massage parlor services). Clearly separate yourself once and for all from ‘normal’ sex work. Be empowered in Gate Keeping Ministry, you’ll never worry about government agencies again!  More

Examine all of the Entities that Government Understands

For Profit, Non-Profit, Educational or Religious? Freedom of Religion * Separation of Church & State * Constitutional Law vs Common Law (law as it is practiced) * For Profit (business) / Not-for-Profit Educational & Non-Profit Spiritual or Religious (501 C3 co-created with the federal government) / Corp Sole (acknowledgment within and by your state government) / Free Church (informing your city/county or borough that you exist). The class and handouts will outline why you need to Declare your Legal Status and will examine the types of entities that all government agencies understand and respect. Mentor relationships have been established for all types of legal entities contained in the class. This is a great place to get an overview of your options to learn from existing sole-proprietorship, small business, church or school. Which model do you align your own practice with, and why? Spend some time studying ‘what works’ and choose your right money design.  More

Present and Powerful in Print, Press & the World Wide Web

Out in the ‘world’ advertising and marketing dominate our thought processes. How do you reach those who really need your counsel and healing? This class tells you all you need to know to promote your healing practice. Once you know your core gifts to share, you can begin to magnetically draw in the seekers and clients who’ll appreciate your sessions. Ceremony & ritual to use the living matrix, meet your financial needs. KEYWORDS and IMAGE choices to set your practice apart; You’ll receive a comprehensive list of places to run your ad notices, both print and electronic; how to get a web site up easily and cheaply if you don’t have one already; cultivating the site for maximum traffic; print ads and their placement; ideas for free publicity; when, where and how to give talks for the public; great places to order cards/brochures/promotional pieces; strategic social marketing (Facebook, Twitter and others). We invite you to bring a printout of your current ads / photos; we’ll analyze your image and text in class and describe ‘what you are calling in.  More

Choose & Use Your Building Wisely

City, neighborhood and building selection. Zoning considerations / Traffic flow & parking / Neighborhood Councils & Home Owner Associations / Working with landlords, real estate agents and government officials. Good / Better / Best facility comparisons, how does your temple home or healing arts center rate? What type of building is best? What type of buildings / neighborhoods should you tread lightly? Sample ads ‘Real Estate Wanted’ and inquiry to owners and agents. Where to buy liability insurance, where to file ministry / temple / church documents; what natural elements will you require? Esoteric and practical considerations for your sacred space; sample letters & records used in acquiring temple rentals.  More

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