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Certification Courses

Deep Core Healing Certification Course

This ten-day certification course is a hands-on immersion of a robust set of powerful healing tools drawn from the work of Jack Painter, Asian Taoist, East Indian Tantra, Angelic Energy Work, Pressure Point Release, techniques of my own design, and many others.  These tools have been effective with a wide range of people and conditions: abuse of all forms (sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, etc); chronic conditions like MS, Parkinson’s and Cancer; unwanted sub‐conscious imprints left by society, parents or religion; depression; chronic fear and anxiety; low self-image; low confidence; sexual dysfunction, stress, nerve damage, pain management, injuries and many more. These techniques can be adapted to help with virtually any emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical challenge and do not require a license to administer.  This is a spiritual-energy-truth system you can add to your current vocation.   More

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