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Voluptuous Dance for Women Only

An Introduction to Voluptuous Dance For Women

Monday, June 20 & July 18, 2011    7-9 pm    Join us for a taste of V dance and add some va-va-voom
to your everyday life!

Connect with your feminine, voluptuous, temptress through an exploration of energy focus,
body awareness, and sensual movements. 

 The evening will include warm-up and stretching, basic movement techniques, guided meditations,
and other dance exercises to help you connect with your sensual self. 


Developed by M. Lisa Forner, V dance is a philosophy and practice of movement, energy, and attitude that draws on the belly dance tradition and is informed by studies in sacred sexuality, gender differences, and Kundalini yoga.
M. Lisa Forner, M.A
., master dance teacher and performer, was a multifaceted professional in the Middle Eastern dance field (known as Michelle Forner) for more than a decade.  In recent years, she has studied sacred sexuality, Kundalini yoga, and gender differences/ relationships, which she folds into the philosophy and practice of Voluptuous Dance.
During her dance career, M. Lisa taught literally hundreds of women the art of belly dance, coached professional performers, taught dance teachers, and performed more than 800 times at a variety of venues. She earned her master’s degree in Dance Ethnology from UCLA and self-published her thesis, The Transmission of Oriental Dance in the United States: From Raqs Sharqi to Belly Dance, which sold more than 300 copies internationally.  She also served as a dance archivist at the Library of Congress, wrote and lectured about the dance, and served as an expert to media and others.   For more info: 480-544-7332

¨       Wear clothes that you can move and feel attractive in.

¨       Please arrive to be ready to begin at 7 pm.

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