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The Foundations of Right Livelihood

Foundations of Right Livelihood

THESE SIX 5-hour training blocks help prepare your practice for success at all levels.   Sign up for all six and receive a complimentary copy of our Temple Manual, including all of the forms, scripts, instructions and supports for your healing ministry.    Key information helps you create and hold sacred space while answering tough questions about sex, money and religion.  You’ll immediately feel strong, stable and protected as you answer your calling as a full spectrum energy healer.

Would you like to move from ‘looking over your shoulder’ as a sexual healer or guide to feeling respected and even celebrated by your community?    Do you feel called to create and ‘hold’ sacred space for yourself and those seeking healing?     Do you already practice spiritual sexuality, and wish to strengthen the acceptance you’re now receiving from government officials, landlords, neighbors and friends? If you answered ‘yes’, this block of classes is the right information at the right time!  Each class covers the basic information to confirm that you are operating in integrity and with your higher purpose.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION for Foundation$ of Right Livelihood will be presented to each student, along with a personal blessing and gift for your temple altar from Temple of 1 Minister Tracy Elise.

Theory of Practice

The Healing Chamber

Gate Keeping Ministry

Declare Your Legal Status

Community Outreach

Temple Keeping

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