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Tziporah Kingsbury changes your BREATHING!

Transforming and Living in a Fully Empowered Life!
April 21, Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm

Without BREATH there is no LIFE. Yet many of us take our Breath for granted. Tziporah Kingsbury, your teacher and guide, invites you to experience the empowering medicine of your own BREATH. In this evenings experience you will access that place within to create deep changes in all aspects of health and well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Integrating and weaving all energy centers in the body.

As a practitioner this will support your integration of emotional/mental memories and allow you to be more present and become a clearer, connected and more grounded vessel when holding space for another. You will experience a fully guided, hands on facilitated Transformational Ecstatic Breath Journey. You will learn the importance of an open, free flowing, circular breath. You will observe and gain new perspectives about your own breath and witness the scientific tool of Breathing Analysis. You will learn a new way to support your breath opening in daily life.

Physical Benefits: Increase energy, strength and endurance. Youth the physical body. Deepen and enliven senses and sensory perception. 

Emotional Benefits: Shift past traumas into JOY vibration. Change old limiting core restrictions into clear emotional states. Improve ways of relationship and communication. Experience overall emotional balancing.

Spiritual Benefits: Harmonious blending of the female (yin) and masculine (yang) energies within. Access and open creative energy and ground into clear expressions. Deepen intimacy and conscious sexuality. Tap into an abundant free flowing creativity and inner motivation, increase intuition and connection to higher self.

Oxygen feeds our cells and unless we are breathing deeply and fully, our body is not getting all the oxygen or releasing all the toxins necessary for optimal health.

Our mental and emotional states are also greatly affected by our breathing patterns. We can change our chemistry, outlook and attitude by changing the depth, rhythm and rate of our breathing. The use of breath to improve our health, emotional state and mental clarity is a skill everyone can benefit from learning.

What is Integrative Ecstatic Breathing?

Integrative Breathing is a self-healing and transformational process. This process utilizes a high frequency energy that permanently raises and alters low vibrational energy patterns in the electromagnetic field, thereby demonstrating changes in consciousness, vibrational quality, and experience.

In each session this powerful self-healing process causes the integration of suppressions and permanent clearing of the subconscious mind. This is merging the worlds of metaphysical with the scientific and converts resistance to enthusiasm. As an art form, Integrative Breath Work opens the gateway for the Spirit body to return into full contact with the physical body and restores the natural dance between spirit, mind and body. Ultimately causing our innate joy, our birthright as Spirit beings to permeate our reality and totality.

Our Breath is the medicine which moves through us. It is the channel between the physical and spirit. Due to conditions and limiting patterns of doubt, guilt, shame and judgement, over time have created restrictions and constriction in our bodies. When our thoughts create certain emotional reactions the first thing to happen is that we hold our breath. We have unconsciously and consciously stopped breathing, held on to certain e-motions out of fear. On a physical level most of us use only a third of our respiratory system, when it is shown that 70 % of toxins release through an open breath.

The ancients spoke of this life force energy “prana”. Through Transformational Breathing, we believe that prana is drawn into the body in great quantity, producing a strong positive energy vibration that alters the body’s electromagnetic field. As the life force energy enters the body, emotions are lifted to a higher state. Due to the shift in vibration, trauma on all levels is permanently transformed in the energy field. There is no longer a need for analysis, or for fixing anything. As this takes place we become clearer, feeling deeper connection, and we remember who we are at the core of our being.

Suggested Offering: $60.00.

For more information on this work and Tziporah Kingsbury, please visit www.breatheinecstasy.com.

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