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Practitioner Skills

Sexual Energy Choices in Session (Divine Union Ordination)

Non-Verbal Communications,   (Divine Union Ordination)

Stress & Trauma Relief Points: Head & Neck,   (Elective)

Stress & Trauma Relief Points: Upper Torso,   (Elective)

Stress & Trauma Relief Points: Lower Torso,   (Elective)

Stress & Trauma Relief Points: Legs & Feet,   (Elective)

Water Ceremony Technique,   (Elective)

Working with Male and Female Seekers,   (Divine Union Ordination)

Five Part Energy Merging Series, (Elective)

Internet Marketing & Social Media for Healing Professionals, (Elective)

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Crystal Dawn Morris

Internet Marketing & Social Media for Healing Professionals

This important class is designed to help healing professionals market their particular services over the internet. You will learn practical tools that you can implement immediately. Topics include: branding, building an internet presence, finding your niche, positioning yourself as an expert,why to Facebook, intro to YouTube and more. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops, …

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