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Divine Union Ladder of Light Course

The Ladder of Light consists of the seven major energy centers located around the torso of your body.  This course on the Ladder of Light will examine each chakra in detail, how they interact with others and how they work together to power the body.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel” and are actually spinning vortexes of energy located in our etheric body in which we receive and transmit energy.

Each chakra in the body is a connection point for specific spiritual, physical, emotional, and/or mental energies.  The chakras are the way we interact with our seven bodies, Physical Auric, Etheric, Emotional Astral, Mental, Casual, Spiritual and Divine Bodies (see illustration).  Each chakra is also linked to various glands in the body, a specific aspect of consciousness, a specific color and a specific frequency.

Our emotional and mental attitudes are distributed to our cells, tissues and organs through the chakras in the Ladder of Light. Our chakras radiate a colored aura that can be seen by trained practitioners to analyze the body and emotions. If there are blocks in energy flow, then the energy cannot flow unhindered through the Ladder of Light and the meridians.  These energy blocks can often be sensed by the hands as energy holes or voids.  Understanding the Ladder of Light and using full-spectrum healing techniques can not only eliminate these blocks, but increase the amount of energy and improve the flow through the chakras.

Chakra: Energetic/light body spectrum
Lecture, demonstrations and full attendee participation, some form of nudity possible by demonstrators and participants.
3 days from 10am-8pm
Program: Divine Union Ordination Path
Fee: $600

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