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Educational Offerings

Courses: In-Person or Over the Internet

1.  Learning on the web – Maximize the amount of e-learning for students where no hands-on training is needed.

2.  Hands-On Learning – Provide courses for intensive hands-on learning in Phoenix or regionally, if appropriate.

School of 1 courses for credit are based on 5-hour modules.  Every course is a multiple of 5 hours of instruction/lab.  School credit is based on this instruction time span.

(Ordination, Certificate, Degree, Non-Program Courses, National Temple)

Complete Course Catalog

Classes Open to the Community
(Not for School Credit)


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Course Catalog

Healing Techniques Using Sound Acu-Tuning,   (Elective) Internal Body Energy Gate,   (Elective) Stem Cell Reactivation,   (Elective) Ladder of Light Teachings Energy & Chakra Introduction,   (Elective) Ladder of Light,   (Divine Union Ordination) Priestess Path,   (Mystic Sister Ordination) Sacred Sexual Healing Cultivating Yin,   (Elective) Deep Core Healing Certification,   (Divine Union Ordination & Certificate) Divine Union …

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ORDINATION PROGRAMS Our 2011 “Mystic Sister Ordination Path” for women only, will build upon its success in 2010 to provide women a way to become the highest expression of perfected energies between heaven and earth.  We will immerse ourselves in the 7 Rays of Light of the Human Rainbow Body, the infinite White Light of …

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Classes Open to the Community

These classes are offered to the community and students as part of our commitment and support to community.  Each class is two hours long and offered on Friday nights between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  There is a requested donation of $6 to $33 for the instructor.  See our calendar for topics.  These classes do …

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We’re here to help you get the education you desire. Our requested support for wisdom received in the School of 1 can be through gifts of your money, time, talent or physical gifts.  If your life is in great abundance, we appreciate full financial support.  If you are in need of help getting your flow going, …

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