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Cacao Ceremonies

Sunday, March 6th, 3-6pm

The monthly Sacred Cacao Ceremony will be a little different this March, with the addition of Superfoods.  Raw Cacao, by itself, is a naturally-spiritual evolutionary experience, and can be used as a tonic, or in ceremony on a regular basis.  And this week’s ceremony will include honoring the gathering, and process.  But we will also present information, and discussion of Superfoods, aphrodesiacs, and brain-boosting natural additives, and how they affect health, mood, and sexual energy.  And you will get to test them out for yourself!
Your hosts for this week’s ceremony are Seva and Chandra.  Their bios can be found at  Seva resides in Sedona, and will be bringing the world’s premiere Raw Cacao, processed locally by ChocolaTree, as well as fresh Pine Springs water.  Seva has been a sexual-healing practitioner for over five years, and is based at the Sedona Temple.  He participated in the first Cacao Ceremony in Arizona, and has now fully embraced the magic of Cacao.  He seeks to share this unique gift of nature with all who are drawn to it.

Chandra is an Energy Healer in private practice, from Chicago. She is also a musician, and specializes in bringing flute and crystal bowl healing to her sessions. Chandra’s story is very inspiring. She slowly became sexually shut down, after her realization of childhood sexual abuse. Three years of regular therapy did not completely help, so she turned to hands on sexual healing.  She now teaches energy and sexual healing to private clients, and as a workshop co-leader with Seva, and Lawrence Lanoff.

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