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Boundaries for a Sex Positive Professional

Learn how to negotiate and institute healthy boundaries for your seekers/clients and students… to protect them and yourself!

This course explores the ethical considerations in being a Sex-Positive Professional working with seekers and students as a continuation of the recent successful course presented by Reid Mihalko at the School of 1.    For sex-positive professionals, especially those who lead workshops or teach one-on-one session work, an important part of our job is role modeling great boundary setting, skillful negotiation, and compassionate communication with our participants.  Know which boundaries remain constant and which may be specific to a situation.

For those of us whose “work” falls outside the box of convention and culturally approved vocations, it can be hard to figure out what our professional (and personal) boundaries might be. And for those of us whose activism and calling have us pushing the envelope of sex and intimacy, exploring where no one has gone before, sometimes we don’t know what our boundaries are until they’ve been crossed.

No matter what your line of work or offerings are, if you don’t know what works for you, how to communicate that well, and how to handle your own emotions, you could be in for some major trouble….

If you could use more clarity on your boundaries, or if you know them but don’t know how to put them into words, the good news is: This course can help make that happen for you.

This 5-hour, interactive workday will elevate your professional as well as personal relationship life!

* Ways to get your practice into alignment with your self-expression as a sex-positive professional
* How to navigate the emotional complexities of your work and know when a boundary is being crossed
* How to creat effective and healthy boundaries and agreements for your work and your personal life!
* Exercises for role modeling communications to make negotiating agreements AND getting your boundaries honored and needs met a breeze!
* Ways you can powerfully speak up when a boundary is crossed and how to reestablish it without destroying your relationships
* Tools for handling your own emotional upset and those of your students and personal relationships

Setting the tone and role modeling great boundary and communication skills is one of the quickest ways to elevate your professional life and make your world and work more fun and freeing and decrease burn-out! For your sake and for the sake of your students, join us!

Join Wayne Clayton, master healer and director of the School of 1, for an in-depth day of boundary setting and negotiation! Learn relationship communication skills that will elevate your business as well as your personal relationship life!

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