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Acu-Tuning: This course teaches a process that combines Sound Healing techniques and the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian System.  All systems in the body, for example organs and glands, respond and align with specific frequencies.  Tuning forks are used on reflex points along the Chinese Meridian System for specific effects on the body.  A powerful alternative to acupressure and acupuncture with the added advantage of focused frequencies to stimulate, heal and activate specific body systems.  Comprehensive Meridian / frequency source material is taught and provided along with techniques of administering the treatment.

Chakra: Full spectrum
Lecture, demonstrations and limited attendee participation, some form of nudity possible by demonstrators and participants.
2 days from 10am-8pm each day
Program: Elective Course
Fee: $400
Schedule:  TBA

Wayne Clayton

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