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The School of 1 (So1) is a mystery school devoted to expanding full-spectrum healing into the mainstream by instructing practitioners and providing healing experiences for seekers.

We offer the following programs: Ordination, Certificate, Degree, Private Study and National Temple.  Credit courses are a minimum of 5 hours long and require enrollment in the school.  Non-credit classes are open to the public as a community service.

The School of 1 offers you credentials for life experience, a full transfer of credits for training completed in other programs, as well as peer witness to authenticate your effectiveness as a healer.    Since 2002, our training and practicum programs have offered hundreds of sacred sexual healers a chance to work in a self-sovereign manner, and in right relationship with city, state and federal officials.  If you’ve answered the call to heal humanity’s energetic repression, we want to meet you!  Join with us as we create a national network of Sacred Sex Temples.  Together, we can bring new light to the modern problems of sexual dysfunction and intimacy breakdown.

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