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Empowering Women to Embody the Goddess

The Priestess Path

Dear Sisters in Service,

I invite your to search your heart to discover your soul’s purpose as a woman alive and healing Gaia at this Great Shift since 2012. As the energies speed up, women will be called upon more and more to ground in ‘what is real’ and to hold the bridge of the 4th chakra, the heart center. As more of our ‘grid’ becomes unworkable, those who possess access to the ” living matrix ‘ will be in high demand to help shift people and their circumstances to a joyous co-creation with the Divine.


Our Mystic Sister Ordination Path is calling on you to prepare for the return of the Mother Goddess ‘s love and light in these turbulent times. By understanding and teaching the ‘Ladder of Light’ to our seekers and initiates, we actually be-come the highest expression of perfected energies between heaven and earth. Our 13 Wisdom Circles allow each ordained Mystic Sister to discover deep knowledge of her soul’s purpose at this time on earth, as well as tangible tools and rituals to bring the Mother’s wisdom to light.

As we travel together through Goddess HER-Story, Sacred Sisterhood, Ceremony & Rituals we weave our lives into a living blessing of service to humanity. Some ordained Mystic Sisters will all-ways serve the Mother; others will be in discovery with us as a life chapter which empowers their sacred role as sister, sweetheart, wife, mother or daughter. I am happy to say I desire a long-term sisterhood of women who are exceptional in their courage, mystic connection and ability to love in all circumstances.

In each gathering, we will immerse ourselves in the 7 Rays of Light of the Human Rainbow Body, the infinite White Light of Father / Source and the deep velvety Black Womb of the Cosmic Mother. We’ll share new paradigms for being a sacred sexy woman in the modern era, and include for your use community outreach materials for web and print. Our own shared wisdom will be enhanced by guest presenters, as well as a few beloved temple men who will be in attendance, all with the goal of music, healing, and gifting for YOU !

Each New Moon, the Sisterhood gathers to weave our new and ancient wisdom as women giving their all in healing and whole-ing.

The 13th Circle is Ordination and public celebration will be open to friends and family.

You will be ordained as a Priestess by the School of 1 / Temple of 1. This is a female-only path of initiation into our Sacred Sisterhood.

The Priestess Path requires you to commit to 13 Immersions which will generally convene at 10:00 a.m. and disperse at 8 p.m. There will be homework every night. These immersions include teachings and hands-on training, bonding as sisters, field trips and sleepovers, surprise gifts and guests! The Priestess Path completes with you being Ordained by our Temple. The Wisdom and direct experience of the immersions allow us to authenticate your work through first hand witness and sharing.

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13 Priestess Path Immersions.

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